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Wednesday, 2018-10-17
Acasă » 2011 » February » 16 » Zombie Pirates

4:37 PM
Zombie Pirates
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Once upon a time on the Shimmering Seas

A terrible figure called Gruesome George rose from the depths. In his wake
arose untold legions of ravenous zombies, giant monsters, and even
stranger creatures. But who or what is Gruesome George scouring the oceans
for? Who is the Red Widow? And why is the notorious Scourge of Shang Ti
Fu Shan, fighting by the zombie lord's side? Join Smilin Jack O'Hurlihan
Esmeralda, and Dr. Theopolis as they attempt to solve this intriguing
mystery and defeat the Zombie Pirates!

Zombie Pirates is a unique adventure-strategy game in which the player
travels about the Shimmering Seas battling ravenous hordes. Along the way
they'll gather treasures, unlock new ships and characters, and build
mighty fleets to defeat wave after wave of relentless enemies


Descarca Joc


Descarca Joc

Categorie: Jocuri Gratis | Vizualizări: 423 | Adăugat de: UNIC | Tag-uri: Zombie Pirates | Rating: 0.0/0
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